Bigfoot Oilfield Services Inc.

"Simply, the clearest solution to your solids settling needs."


Floc Tank

The floc tank comes complete with a polymer hydration unit integrated onto the same skid that allows for the hydration of up to 1 m3 of polymer per batch. This advanced hydration unit is designed to fully hydrate powdered polymers within minutes with very little time required to operate. The hydration system ensures that the flocculating polymers are hydrated, and elongated, effectively which allows them to work more efficiently. Having polymers that are properly activated in combination with a thickening system that can thicken the drilled solids prior to dewatering, can reduce overall polymer consumption by up to 80% from other conventional systems.

The Bigfoot clarification tank is a turnkey system. It consists of its own patent pending integrated clear water transfer pump that can also be equipped with our exclusive patent pending environmental control apparatus, two polymer injection pumps and polymer hydration system. Because of the simplicity and dependability of the Bigfoot system there is no requirement for supplemental components, or support services such as vacuum trucks. These all combined, has allowed Bigfoot to reduce our clients' overall fluid handling costs while clear water drilling by up to 50%.

In addition to reduced polymer consumption, our clients can expect to virtually eliminate the need for a vacuum truck as well as operate the system with one small centrifuge while clear water drilling. In fact, the Bigfoot floc tank can maintain clear water at flow line rates of up to 2.5 m3/min while drilling at high ROP's in the range of 80 – 100 m/hr.

Shear Mixer

Using properly conditioned drilling fluids will improve drilling performance, and reduce the amount and cost of fluid additives required. Compared to conventional methods, Bigfoots Shear Mixers' high speed mixing technology decreases mixing time and significantly improves mixing efficiency. Existing mixing hoppers requires high velocity inflow to create a zone of relatively low pressure, which creates suction, drawing additives into the void space. The unique design of Bigfoot's Shear Mixer does not require a high pressure/high velocity input.


  • Reduces the amount of additives needed to maintain fluid properties
  • Optimize system chemical properties
  • Minimizes "fish eyes" in hard-to-mix products
  • Energy Efficient
  • Speeds up drilling fluid preparation time
  • Economic benefits through product efficiencies and time savings
  • Rugged stainless steel design will withstand harsh environment
  • Simple to operate
  • Small footprint makes it ideal for any location
  • Can be installed readily on any drilling rig